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    I have opened up a case with support but thought I’d reach out to the forum too.
    I really like the new Argus 2 but have an issue when I try to listen in on the room.
    When I press the speaker icon, all I get is a very loud crackling static noise. The room audio is heard very faintly in the background.
    I tried resetting the camera, using a different channel for wifi, and even placing the camera about 10 ft away from the router.
    No change.
    Has anyone else had a similar issue?
    This is a brand new camera.



    Hello gordinfo,

    i have the argus 2 since a few days and bought more because i have experiences with surveillance cameras since years
    and what Reolink build with the argus 2 is just phenomenal! Im addicted to this cameras. 🙂

    To your thread:

    I know from other wifi surveillance cameras that this crackling static noise comes from the microphone.
    When the microphone or its cable is near to the wifi antenna, then you get this crackling static noise.
    One of my two argus 2 has this as well, thats a bit sad.

    Im pretty sure if i opened it up and put the cable a bit away from the wifi chip, then the crackling noise will disappear.
    But as i wrote they are brand new and i don’t wanna open them up yet.

    Maybe a reolink supporter could tell us if its ok to open the four screws and get into the cam.
    Then i will try to fix this issue, its not a big deal.

    Hope this will help you. Trust me this sound comes from that 100%!

    Best regards,




    as im so excited about the Argus 2 some friends of mine also bought 1-2 of these cameras.

    One of my friends has received one with your problem.

    I have suggested him what i have posted above.

    He fixed the issue by opening the camera (6 screws) and moved the “mic” cable (red and black wire) away from electric static chips.
    Now the microphone works perfect and he has a clear audio output on his devices.

    I really hope my post will help many people, seems this is a little general production issue.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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