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    I need to put an Argus 2 inside a manhole but I have problems with WiFi coverage.
    The manhole is in cement and the signal doesn't arrive (sometimes I can get access but with poor image quality), despite the wifi router is only 10 meters away.
    Is possible to use a external antenna (e.g. see the screenshot in attachment) to extend the wifi signal?
    The camera is connected to the solar charging panel (that is outside of the manhole).




    Non credo che tu possa aggiungere una antenna wifi esterna alle Argus 2, visto che non hanno connettore SMA per l'aggancio di una antenna esterna.
    Al massimo puoi pensare di avvicinare il se sei già a soli 10 vedo dura


    Crimp On

    There are other cameras with an antenna connector on the outside of the case. It is relatively simple to disconnect the antenna from those and attach an antenna with a long cord. (Argos Eco is one.) The Argus 2 WiFi antenna is located inside the case, and is probably wired directly to the radio chip. Even if someone could get the case apart and locate the antenna, it would take a lot of technical knowledge to connect an external antenna, run the cord through the case, and seal it back up again. Would totally void the warranty.

    I suggest deploying the Argus 2 somewhere else and installing an Argos Eco with an external antenna. The Eco needs only a single 2.4G antenna.



    Hi Crimp On, thanks for your suggestion.
    If there is anything we can help, please feel free to contact us at any time. We'll try our best to help.



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