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    Hi everyone, I bought an Argus 2 and its solar panel 10 days ago and so far I very happy with it.
    I would almost recommend it for my condominio, but it lacks just one feature: direct wifi connection.
    We would like to position 4 to 6 cameras out of wifi range. We do not need live view or notifications, as the law only authorize owners to get images after an incident is declared.
    So it would be very nice just to get close to the camera, fire the app, connect to the cam through direct wifi and download footages. This without getting the sd card out of the camera (which will be out of reach in a tree for example).
    Reolink GO would allow us to do so but requires a data plan for several simcards, which is not really necessary in our case.
    Do you think this feature is doable in a near future?



    Thank you for your huge support for Reolink. We will try as hard as possible to make this feature request come true in the next generations of products. You are really encouragement for us to move forward. And we appreciate your future suggestions as well as constructive criticism for Reolink. For updates and what's new about the new firmwares and softwares, and for keeping your system up to date, you may subscribe to our newsletters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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