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    My main WiFi network has a 63 character alphanumeric WPA2/3 password, which is the maximum allowed by the WiFi specification, as I understand it. Yet, it seems that the Reolink E1 Pro can only use passwords with a length up to 31 characters?! I have 60+ devices on my network, most of them wireless, and I've yet to come across a device that limits the password length supported.

    I have the E1 Pro setup on a temporary network, thinking I could change the network info after the initial QR-code setup, but this appears to fail (presumably because of password length, but it's unclear from the non-descriptive error).

    Any tips? Is this possible through the Desktop software, maybe? Rekeying 40-odd wifi devices on my network just to allow the Reolink to join is ... unlikely. Relegating it to the guest network is also not going to happen because I need LAN<->LAN access to the RTSP feed without going through a cloud hop.

    Trying to avoid sending it back ... :'(




    Hi Bdruth. Could you please report this issue to the support team: Or send us a request in link here
    Our support team will help you solve it soon. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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