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    Are you going to release an update to the android app so it can be used on android TV's?
    Heating to view my NVR and POE cameras on TV.



    I hope they do soon as the regular app almost works on the tv they just need to tweak it . I mean the hardest part is already done.Shouldnt be that hard to just tweak it for android TV.

    But i wouldn't keep my hopes up as I have already emailed the suggestion and according to this forum it dates back 2-3 years clients are asking for a TV app. They would sell more cameras if they had one.

    So far nothing,just a thank you and we will pass message to team.

    Hopefully there people are listening and we get something soon !

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    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. I know the number of people is interested in the App that can be used on TV, but the major area to operate Reolink cameras is on mobile phone and PC. The TV App will definitely be in our plan, but we need more time to design and publish it. You may subscribe our emails to get the news: Thank you for your patience.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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