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    suto norbert

    Hello there,

    Please add a option to send a signal to camera (Argus 2, with solar panel) to start recording. I read a lot of, that you dont want to enable RTSP or any third party software. I understand, But, it would be great that we able to send a trigger, to start a recording. I think it enought that we set the official time (8, 15, 30 sec) to record.

    It would be great that it is a ”cross platform” solution (a little api, or a web based thing etc..)

    If you think that is ”to risky” (it decrease battery...) you able to create limitations (like it accept trigger only minimum bettween 5 minute differernce, or something similar...)

    The reason: The camera Quality is very good, but the motion detection range is very limited... we see much longer that the PIR sensor ”see” it.
    If you do that i wrote it, we able to install more PIR sensors (covered a muck bigger area) and configure a script or something similar to send a signal to Argus 2 to start recording.

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