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    I recently purchased the RLK8-410B4 system and have a few questions in regard to the Reolink Client.

    – Is there a way to only playback recorded video from motion and not the dead space between?
    – Is there a way to export clips as a single video?

    –Record Option–
    – Why is there an option to turn off pre-record but not post-record? I really don't want a full minute of dead video eating up storage
    – What is ”Pack Duration”?
    – What is the overwrite checkbox for?

    -Is there a way to only keep footage for so many days before it's overwritten or do you just record until there's no HDD storage left?

    -Does Reolink offer a the ability to export video to an EXE with play controls? This makes it a lot easier for authorities.
    -I downloaded recorded video via the client and the video had a ghosting affect. Is this common?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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