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    If i try to live view cameras over 3g/4g it just cuts out after 3 seconds. If i close the app down and re-open i can get 2 seconds of viewing at a push. Sometime it does not connect at all. This is really frustrating now because the cameras are completely useless if I can't use them via over 4g. They work perfectly fine over wifi.

    Mobile network tesco/02

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    Reolink engineers are already working on this issue. In the meanwhile, would you please contact our support by submitting request ticket on the right-down corner of and we'd appreciate it if you can join us in testing new firmware/App.
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    Tom Scheifler


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    I guess this is not a new problem. I bought a RLK8-410B4 two months ago and have the same problem since i first set everything up. Connecting via wifi, be it my own wifi or wifi somewhere else live view is perfect even in HD mode. I've been going back and forth with support team and tried everything that was recommended. The last thing I was told by support team was ” When you are using home WIFI, your app and the NVR is in the same LAN network, you can access the NVR easily as the video data don't need to go out of your home network.

    However, when you are using 5G network, all the data will go out of your home network, going through routers on the Intenet, then received by your phone, the data transfering path is more complicated, so the connection could be affected easily.
    In this case, we will suggest you to update your home wifi to improve uploading speed for the NVR.” I had fios 150/150 and after this suggestion I upgraded to Gigabit connection however I still have the same problem. Now what..



    Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Have you received the email that Janet sent to you in the case 144917 on June 8th? What is the error message when you fail to access your system via mobile data?

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