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0112_262_237_24 drains the batteries really slowly but the video when viewing from my phone or tablet is a bit choppy. This is pretty annoying. There's no reason for the slowdown since the Wifi signal is high, I'm using a Samsung Pro Endurance in it and the solar panel is plugged in. I'm assuming it's software related (or am hoping, because otherwise, it's hardware related). It's as if the camera is throttling while I'm trying to view whatever is on the microSD card.

0530_94_107_23 drains much quicker. This isn't an issue because it's using a solar panel now, it's just something I'd noticed and was worried about for the rainy season. Now that I've seen how quickly they charge to 100% I'm not in the least bit concerned. The panels also charge in general daylight, the sun doesn't have to hit the panel which is awesome (I'm not familiar with solar so this was a neat surprise). It doesn't have the choppiness issue of the other.

For the record, they are both using the Samsung Pro Endurance microSD card and both have their solar panel attached. They're also both using identical settings. I tried formatting the microSD as well as rebooting but it doesn't help. The recorded video is thankfully not affected. If I download and view the video it is fine.

I have them both set to Auto Update but they haven't since I installed them. I've also tried Manual but they're both reporting to be on the latest FW.

Carl, this is a message I left earlier in the thread with all the information you asked posted, along with screenshots from the app of both cameras info. Hopefully, this helps. This is why I am concerned about software updates. I bought these at the same time and even with different versions, both are claiming to be the latest. I contacted your support department and was told that the updates are staggered but I've owned the cameras for a month now and they haven't been updated. I eventually want Alexa to work (as promised by Reolink) so if these are ”stuck” on older firmware for some reason, I need to know so I can return them to Amazon.