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  • Baron Heimbach from Havertown
  • Joseph Heenan from Glasgow
  • Tom Gray from Woking
  • Stuart Wood from Essendon
  • Scott Brown from Berlin
  • Casey France from Natchez
  • Pierre Karadia from Sutton Bridge
  • Jane Blue from Murphy
  • Mike McPoyle from Harrisburg
  • Aaron James from Memphis
  • Adam Phillips from Lakewood
  • Miles Szkoda from Erie
  • Patrick Mexican from Nashua
  • Scott Jones from Peoria
  • Allen Drennan from San Diego
  • Anders(A2) Gerdlind from Norrövägen
  • Joshua Lyon from Irving
  • James Edwards from Mesa
  • Jeff Chism from Lakeland
  • Wayne Shieh from Concord
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  • David Trebacz from Fountain Hills
  • Thomas Burm from Lombard
  • Vache Yessaie from Tujunga
  • Kurtis Goltermann from NY
  • Antranik Askander from Indianapolis
  • Rupert Kent from Longridge
  • Ronald F. Vernier from St. Augustine
  • Simon John Kelk from Nottingham
  • Jonathan Hay from Birmingham
  • Seth Bourassa from Dublin

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by Jamie on Reolink Keen
First week feedback

Easy installation, HD picture, Pan/tilt, two-way audio, Email and push notification, alarm sensor, wire free

The sound volume from the phone is not good enough when two-way audio is enabled and a little latency with the sound


The camera features a 1080p video resolution at 15fps, an80-degree field of view, and 8 infrared LED’s that provide up to 36 feet of night vision. The wireless band supported is 2.4GHz, and the camera supports 2-way audio, there is a built-in mic right below the lens of the camera, the SD card and reset button is at the back along with the antennas, the micro USB port is designed under the battery cover and sits above the batteries. The alarm sensor will only detect human temperature which avoid false alarm, and camera also supports Pan/tilt.

Installation and Performance
The camera is new, and I need to get a new app as well, giving my Apple ID to Reolink, I have received the new App. After installing that, I turn my camera on, there is a voice massage asking you to run the Reolink App to add the device and configure the Wi-Fi settings, the voice massage is not flawless, I think we should have a way to turn the volume down or turn it off when I do not want to hear it, it keeps repeating, which distracts me.
The next step you need to do is to click the Add New Device button, scan the QR code on the camera to add it, and follow the steps to start Wi-Fi configuration. After you enter the correct password, let the camera scan the QR code on your phone, it will connect to your Wi-Fi network and you can enjoy it.
The picture is not as beautiful as the 4MP cameras, but it is good for 1080P, and I love the night vision, it is clear.

On the main page, there are several buttons which allow you to enable push notification, disable/enable alarm, enter the configuration setup etc., it is convenient
The Pan/tilt moves smoothly, actually I did not know the exact way about how to use it in the first place, after guided by support, I know I need to press the button in the middle and drag it to the direction I want, this is interesting, I original thought I should press the arrows on the wheel.
The new App can also manage the currently Reolink cameras, compared with the old version, more features have been added, which is good for me, I can use it to replace the client software now.

The alarm sensor detects whether there is someone breaks in, there will be a sound alarm, email alerts, push notification, of course you can choose the way you want. If at home and do not want to the sensor to work anymore, just click on the Disarm icon to disable it. There is also a schedule setup.
I’d like to use the two-way audio function, but I find I cannot really hear the sound from the camera if I enable two-way audio on the phone, it is OK by the camera side, my family can hear clearly what I said, hope they can improve that.
In a word, I’m currently satisfied with this camera, and will keep testing.