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by David Trebacz on Reolink Keen
Easy setup with a mobile phone and no wires

I chose to use the camera and PIR setup as a video alert for our front door. We'd like to have a record of who has visited our front door and the audible alarm, let's us know when someone is approaching. I located the PIR on the front porch and the camera in a window facing the sidewalk. The fact that there is only a limited manual is available at this point may have led to some of the confusion in this review.

Good image quality
All battery power allows flexible placement, easy mounting and moving
Very easy setup with mobile phone app
Automatically available outside firewall with no setup
Audible alarm works well for infrequent locations
Separate PIR can be located in a different place from the camera
Good battery life for both camera base

Only connects to 2.4Ghz networks
Can't adjust volume on audible alarm in app
Audible alarms defaults to on
Battery indicator showed 23% with original batteries (now shows 31%)
Many false alarms from PIR, even on the lowest sensitivity

Observations and Bugs
PTZ doesn't work
Email alert don't work (tried gmail and local SMTP server that currently supports and Reolink camera
Not clear how to set up the PIR to eliminate false alarms (changing sensitivity may require removing the battery to accept the change)
Need specs on the PIR (field of view, distance, etc)
No web based configuration interface
"Use phone time" - should be changed to "Use phone settings for time". Pressed it to get the correct timezone, then updated it to be on it's own.
Not sure of the battery life for the PIR or when it's running low.
Unclear what the preset functions do (expected to set preset views for it).
App doesn't have a way to view saved images
Battery door on camera is a little challenging to close

Overall, I can see the camera and sensor working for my application, but there are some things that should be smoothed out before the unit goes into production.

by jeff on Reolink Keen
first few days with keen

Received my keen earlier this week. The packaging is very nice. Cardboard box is solid and foam is protective. Its not the apple/nest packaging quality but its good and does the job.

I powered up the motion sensor by removing the battery protector and power up the camera by inserting the 4 included CR123 cells. The camera powers up and then begins to prompt you via voice to open the reolink application. This is a very nice feature and something I haven't seen before on other portable cameras. The setup with application was super easy. Just scan the QR on the camera, input you wifi information and then scan the screen of your smartphone with the camera. Worked great. The video quality is very good on the camera in both day and night situations. I am testing this camera in my garage right next to my nest camera and I have a situation where one side of the garage is always lit with an overheard light and the other half is not. During the day this is not an issue but at night it can be challenging for the camera metering. The keen performed well in this situation. I do with the lens was a bit wider angle than it is. The PTZ motor is absolutely silent to the ear. Thats a very nice feature if you are trying to monitor something confidentially.

I don't know what the purpose of the motion sensor is at this point. Is it automatically paired to the camera somehow? Can it be used with other cameras? It doesn't show up in the application as configurable from what I saw. I was not able to get email notifications or any other notifications working with the keen. Using the gmail smtp server it has a default port that can be changed but can not be saved. I didn't have another smtp server to test with so I can't say if email notifications work. Apple push notifications didn't work for me either.

The initial reolink app did not let me view the cameras over cellular however the latest version did let me view the camera over ATT LTE. I was also able to pan/tilt with a little bit of latency.

Battery life is going to be a concern I think. I installed this camera 3 days ago and the app is showing 37% battery left. This is with maybe 10 minutes of active viewing from me. I will update this review later.

Regarding the security of this device. Since now days there are so many internet of things (IOT) vulnerabilities going around I want to ensure that my devices are up to date and not vulnerable to things like the mirai worm. I already have two outdoor reolink cameras and hope to someday add a reolink RLC-423 if I can afford it. Overall I am pretty happy with the amount of firmware updates and hopefully reolink support is paying attention to all of the vulnerabilities out there. I would like to see a security statement from reolink that says two things.

1. How does this device communicate with the external servers (AWS). In detail explain here are the secure protocols in place that ensure no one other than me is able to view the stream from my house. Does my phone app connect to AWS and then have secure tunnel back to my house? Is the camera using UPNP to open ports on my router. I think reolink is doing the right thing but a nice page describing how it works would assure a lot of people.

2. What are you doing from to ensure that your cameras are not vulnerable to common IOT issues. Are the ports locked down? No default passwords, etc.

I will update this review as I spend more time with the keen.

by Ron F. Vernier on Reolink Keen
Follow Up: Reolinks Super Cool Keen

I've done a lot of configurations with the settings on this camera moving it around the house, playing with the Pan and Tilt so impressed with this feature but what really blew my expectations was the night vision clarity WOW impressive! Reolink has done a great job with this camera, I have two Reolink RLC-410S cameras set up to protect the outside of my house and the edition of this camera completes my security plan. For anyone thinking about buying a Security Camera system look no further than Reolink their systems are the best period !!
Update: The lithium batteries actually turned out to be a plus. They do exactly as advertised: Long battery life with up to 6 months standby time, 10 hours work time at day and 5 hours work time at night. The Keen Camera is a Shining New addition to the already impressive Reolink line up!!!

Thank you so much Ron for your recognition of Reolink Keen. If you have any questions or encountered with any issue during use of this camera, you can contact us at support@reolink.com any time. Thank you for your support.

by Baron Heimbach on Reolink Keen
Best Portable, Wireless Wifi Hi-Def Camera on the Market

I received a camera from Reolink to product test it and leave my honest feedback on the pros and cons.

I own several Reolink wireless DVR camera systems and they all perform better than anything on the market that I have tested. What is surprising is that this small, wireless and portable camera performs as well as their full security system cameras. I will go over the pros and cons below, but at the end of the day this camera is a winner and I have already recommended it to many people I know.

I will start with the Cons and then on to the Pros after....

The Cons:

1) Has not worked on cellular data for me. The biggest problem I had with this camera is that I had to be on a wifi network to control it. It didnt matter if I was at home or work just as long as I was on wifi. I use Tmobile as a service provider and it would not load when on the Tmobile 4G LTE network. I called tech support at Reolink and Tmobile. Both said they are working on a fix but I have not seen this corrected yet. Until this is corrected this is a big drawback.

2) The battery. The battery does not last very long. If you have a dozen or more activations each day the battery may have to be replaced once every 1.5-2 weeks. The battery itself is not cheap, BUT you can buy rechargable batteries for this camera at a reasonable price of about $20 plus the cost of the charger. It would be nice if Reolink would have thought about this and added rechargable batteries and increased the price of the camera accordingly.

3) The alarm feature. You cannot turn the AUDIO WARNING feature without disabling the whole alarm feature including the push notifications, send email, and record options. The software allows you to make the changes in the app but it does not communicate those to the camera because every time there is motion the damn alarm goes off even when I have the audio warning off. I contacted Reolink and they said they will have their engineers work on this problem so I am optimistic. It may have been corrected in the recent firmware update, but the cameras batteries ran out before I could try this. I will update this once I order the rechargable batteries.

4) Wont record video for me. Perhaps I am doing something incorrectly but I have tried and tried to get the motion to initiate but it has not recorded onto the memory card or sent a notification with photo.

5) There is a delay in the two way communication. When I try to speak there is a 5 sec delay between when my voice starts on the camera. Perhaps this will be corrected in the new firmware which I did not get to try yet. The batteries died and I have to go buy some rechargable batteries now.
OKAY.....onto the PROS!

The Pros

1) Awesome Day and Night video are both great! The night vision might even be better on the Keen than my seemingly higher end home security cameras from Reolink. Great job, Reolink! Impressive video quality for being so portable.

2) Love that it Pans/tilts and this feature is flawless.

3) The setup is super easy. The voice prompt is a bit annoying as it keeps repeating itself until it is connected to your wifi.

4) Good audio quallity. You can hear everything your neighbors are saying haha.

5) Portable, Portable, Portable! The uses for a portable camera like this may seem obvious but there are many things this can be useful for. Sometimes you are curious about something such as you think an animal is getting into your trash or something similar.

Final thoughts.... I listed as many cons as pros but keep in mind the software that operates this camera is still being debugged. All in all this is a great camera and I would recommend it to anyone just as I have been doing since I started using it! Great job and price point for such a quality product Reolink team!

Thank you for your huge support for Reolink. Here are some replies to some issues you mentioned in your review:
1. The camera not working on T-mobile 4G LTE network. Reolink is seeking to work with T-mobile to figure out a best solution to this issue. As the problem is from T-mobile, it takes longer than we thought to get it fixed. But we are alrealy pouring ourselves into it and hope to make it right for our dear customers.
2. The batteries in Reolink Keen is model CR123A which can be easily accessed in stores or Onlineshops. Also, there are rechargeable versions. But we leave this option to our customers. They can make the choice based on their favor.
To make batteries last longer, we will keep polishing the firmware. Also, you can visit the camera only when necessary. Constantly checking on the camera may cause battery to die out faster.
3. Yes, the audio warning issue will be fixed soon. Sorry for this inconvenience.
4. Regarding the video recording issue, would you please go to "Device Settings" >> "Alarm Settings" and check whether you make Recording checked and configurations saved. The recording to SD card is based on motion so only when motion is detected by PIR sensor will it start to record. You can also take the SD card out from the SD slot and check with a SD reader and see whether there is recordings in it.
5. The delay in the 2-way communication will be better in the next time upgrade. And the upgrade can be done in App itself now! Hope this new feature can save you a lot of inconvenience and precious time.
Also we made voice prompt less frequent so it wouldn't be annoying any more.

All in all, we greatly appreciate your kind review and all those good suggestions you made. It helps us find problems and get them fixed to make the product even better.

by Miles Szkoda on Reolink Keen
A camera that is simple to use, setup, and manage

This is a seriously great camera. I already have a Reolink DVR & Smart camera so I am somewhat familiar with the process of setting their stuff up, so I had my wife do it on her phone just to see how easy it was. After unboxing everything and putting in the batteries, she was able to have the camera set up and running in 1 minute and 30 seconds. She had zero problems along the way since the camera + app work perfectly together using voice prompts from the camera and just having you confirm the voice prompts on the phone. The setup method is extremely well done and I can tell Reolink put a lot of effort and time into ensuring the whole process was simple.

I think the only time my wife had any pause was during the step where they ask you to hold the camera up to the QR code on the phone to scan it. While the directions are somewhat clear, she had to scan a QR code on the camera to initially start setup and so she had thought she already scanned it, but after looking at the picture realized the camera was supposed to do the scanning this time, not the app on the phone.

The camera is 1080p and 15fps. I believe it has an 80* field of vision and offers night vision. It is fully wireless and wifi enabled running on 2.4ghz and I was able to move the camera from all ends of my house (2k sqft) and over 100ft into my yard and get flawless signal. My back yard is unlit, so I've mounted the camera to cover the area of my back porch/door from an enclosed space as I live in one of the snowiest cities in the USA. Overall, I am able to capture motion and quality day/night video of any person who would enter my back yard or attempt to gain entry through my back sliding door. The night vision is good to about 30 ft and my camera is placed about 15 ft from the entrance which offers enough infrared light to be able to see a persons face relatively well when combined can sound an alarm on the camera when it senses motion. I've set mine to low sensitivity and to sound the alarm during the nigh hours since no one should be entering/exiting the area where my camera is during that time. I live near a wooded area and animals enter my yard often and I have not gotten any false alarms so the quality of detection is certainly there. I did test it with my dog and he set it off, but he is 100lbs so I would expect that (he sets off all the motion sensors for my home security system as well). I still see squirrels and rabbits around my yard and none of those have set it off.

To note, the camera uses 4 CR2 batteries and I suggest getting them in bulk online. I would really prefer it use rechargeable batteries. While I haven't had a chance to test the longevity/battery life at this point, I'll certainly update this review in the future. The camera seems to enter a power-save mode very quickly and one issue I notice is that when connecting to the camera for live view via my app, I have to connect once, get a login failed response, then connect again. I assume my first attempt is waking up the camera from the power-save mode and in the event of motion detection the camera would wake up and I could connect instantly. It only takes a few seconds for me to connect twice and it isn't a problem on my end.

This is a really great device. It is just so simple to setup and use. I have had cameras in the past that took hours to configure and required a computer and editing settings on my router, but this device just worked right out of the box. Great work from Reolink as usual here.

We are so glad you like it! For the first time setup, you need to scan twice. First time is when you scan the QR code on the camera body. Second time is when you are prompted to put your phone screen in front of the camera for it to scan. Although it need two scans, it shoudn't be too hard since the voice prompt is clear. Just follow the guidance then you will get it easily done.
As you did, you can adjust the sensitivity of PIR sensor with the switches on its back and arrange the alarm schedule to reduce false or unwanted alarms.
When you connected to the camera with Reolink App, you got "login failed" and had to connect twice, as we tested, this is a minor bug and we have fixed it in the upcoming new firmware version. So it would not be a pain any more and you will be able to connect to the camera more fast next time in case you miss something important.
Thank you again for your recognition of our efforts and we are motivated by you to polish this lovely camera and make it better!

by Ron Vernier on Reolink Keen
Reolink Keen

Received the camera on 1/17/2017: All the features work as described, and there is a micro usb port in the battery compartment (not sure yet if this actually works yet). Two way Audio, e-mail alerts, night vision, this camera does it all. Pan/Tilt great feature.
The installation is a bit tricky, you will need to down load Reolinks new app version # from amazon app store. Follow the set up from the install pdf. Read Jamie's review it was really helpful. Once your up and running you can set up the email,alarms,time etc. Viewing the recording to the sd card is pretty straight forward and worked great as did the Email sent to my gmail.
I've never had experience with Lithium Batteries before this and I must say not really sold on them. They appear to drain really fast, their down to 20% after setting up and testing setting,alarm, and Email.
Like I said just received the new Keen cam, my feeling so far this camera has a lot of potential but still testing it. Will follow up as I continue to try different settings and placements around my house.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback for Reolink Keen prototype version.
The camera is powered by two CR123A batteries. They will not be powered through Micro USB port anymore. The Reolink new App has been released for iOS which you can access now in AppStore. The U.I. has changed, by the way. For Android version, it will also be released very soon. So you wouldn't take the trouble to download from Amazon anymore. About the issue of batteries draining out too fast, it has been confirmed as a minor bug in the software. We will release new version to modify this problem.
Thanks again for your support for Reolink. And we appreciate if you can keep using it and feedback to us if you have some new findings or thoughts.

by Jamie on Reolink Keen
First week feedback

Easy installation, HD picture, Pan/tilt, two-way audio, Email and push notification, alarm sensor, wire free

The sound volume from the phone is not good enough when two-way audio is enabled and a little latency with the sound


The camera features a 1080p video resolution at 15fps, an80-degree field of view, and 8 infrared LED’s that provide up to 36 feet of night vision. The wireless band supported is 2.4GHz, and the camera supports 2-way audio, there is a built-in mic right below the lens of the camera, the SD card and reset button is at the back along with the antennas, the micro USB port is designed under the battery cover and sits above the batteries. The alarm sensor will only detect human temperature which avoid false alarm, and camera also supports Pan/tilt.

Installation and Performance
The camera is new, and I need to get a new app as well, giving my Apple ID to Reolink, I have received the new App. After installing that, I turn my camera on, there is a voice massage asking you to run the Reolink App to add the device and configure the Wi-Fi settings, the voice massage is not flawless, I think we should have a way to turn the volume down or turn it off when I do not want to hear it, it keeps repeating, which distracts me.
The next step you need to do is to click the Add New Device button, scan the QR code on the camera to add it, and follow the steps to start Wi-Fi configuration. After you enter the correct password, let the camera scan the QR code on your phone, it will connect to your Wi-Fi network and you can enjoy it.
The picture is not as beautiful as the 4MP cameras, but it is good for 1080P, and I love the night vision, it is clear.

On the main page, there are several buttons which allow you to enable push notification, disable/enable alarm, enter the configuration setup etc., it is convenient
The Pan/tilt moves smoothly, actually I did not know the exact way about how to use it in the first place, after guided by support, I know I need to press the button in the middle and drag it to the direction I want, this is interesting, I original thought I should press the arrows on the wheel.
The new App can also manage the currently Reolink cameras, compared with the old version, more features have been added, which is good for me, I can use it to replace the client software now.

The alarm sensor detects whether there is someone breaks in, there will be a sound alarm, email alerts, push notification, of course you can choose the way you want. If at home and do not want to the sensor to work anymore, just click on the Disarm icon to disable it. There is also a schedule setup.
I’d like to use the two-way audio function, but I find I cannot really hear the sound from the camera if I enable two-way audio on the phone, it is OK by the camera side, my family can hear clearly what I said, hope they can improve that.
In a word, I’m currently satisfied with this camera, and will keep testing.

Thank you Jamie. As the first round lucky pick, you give us valuable feedback and write some great tips for other users. It's so kind of you.
The Reolink new App has been released for iOS which you can access now in AppStore. Next time your update will be done in Appstore and it can save you some time.
The audio prompt when you do the setup has been turned down a little. Hope it will give you better feeling.
The two-way audio has been polished in the upcoming firmware update. Also coming are some bugs fix. Hope they can bring you more of ease. And hope you can enjoy Reolink Keen camera.
Thanks again for your willingness to keep testing for us.