How to upgrade firmware and check if the upgrade is successful

1. Download the latest firmware on your PC.

2. Log into the Reolink Client software.

3. Click “Device settings” and click “Maintenance”.

Device Settings Maintenance

Device Settings Firmware Upgrade

4. Click “Browse” to find the upgrade file you have downloaded.

Upgrade Download Browse

5. Click the “Upgrade” button to continue.

Browse Upgrade

6. Wait until the upgrade process is completed.

Upgrade Completed

7. Click “OK” to complete the process of upgrading.

Complete Upgrade

How to check if the upgrade is failed

You should check below information:

1. Check the Firmware Size

This is to ensure whether the firmware downloaded is completed.

2. Confirm the Firmware File’s Name

This is to ensure that the Firmware downloaded is applicable for the camera model.

3. Compare Previous Firmware Version

You may find it in Reolink Client software, from System —> Information

If confirmed item 1 and 2 above are correct, you may try to upgrade the device again.

You may also send us the Upgrade Screenshot for reference.

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