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How to set motion detection for Reolink cameras on Reolink Client

When you want to receive instant alerts when motion events are detected, please follow the steps below to set up motion detection for your Reolink cameras.

Below is the guideline on Windows PC.

Step 1. Log into your Reolink Client. Click the “Device Settings” icon Device Settings Icon, and then click “Motion”.

Device Settings Alarm Motion

Step 2. Please enable the “Motion” by checking the box.


Step 3. Set the sensitivity of “Motion”. The “Sensitivity” setting is controlled by a slider, allowing you to set a value between 1 to 50. The lower the number value is, the more sensitive the motion detection will be.

(Here is a guideline for you to set up motion detection sensitivity for your Reolink cameras.)


Step 4. Set the “Schedule” of “Alarm”. You can select which period of time (or 24/7) you would like to receive alerts when there are motion events.


Step 5. Set up the “Motion Detect” (For setting motion detection area). “Full Screen” means all areas are covered, and “Clear Area” means no areas are detected.

Motion Detection

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

Applies to:
All Reolink IP cameras

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