How to preview your Reolink camera on SecuritySpy

After you have set up Reolink camera in SecuritySpy and need to know how to use SecuritySpy to preview your Reolink camera, please follow the below steps.

1. Open SecuritySpy on your Mac. Click “Settings” and then click “Video device settings” to add your camera.

Video Device Setting

2. After you have clicked “Video device settings”, you can see the menu below. Fill in the information of “Network devices”.

Network Device

3. Click “Get profile list” and then choose an option between “MainStream” and “SubStream” to preview your camera.

Get Profile List

4. You can choose “Individual camera video windows” or “Main video window” to preview your camera.

Individual Camera Video Windows

Main Video Window

Normally, the “Individual camera video windows” preview page should be like the below page:

Individual Camera Preview

The “Main video window” preview page should be like this page:

Main Video Window Preview

5. If you use a Reolink RLC-423 PTZ camera, you can right click and choose “Pan/Tilt/Zoom” to control your camera.

Pan Tilt Zoom

Network Camera PTZ

Note:When your camera page shows an error as the below picture 1, you need to enter the “encode” page on our Reolink client software to change the “H.264 Profile” into “Baseline”.



You can’t change the H.264 Profile of “MainStream” and “SubStream” at the same time. You have to change it one by one.

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