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Change router password without reconnecting it with IP camera

When we first set up a wireless IP camera, normally we use a network cable to connect the cam to a router in order to set the camera and computer in the same network, and then use the Reolink client software to set up the Wi-Fi password. However, sometimes it might be inconvenience to connect the wireless cameras with cables after installing it on the wall. Here is a trick to change the SSID password without taking the cameras off the wall.

The precondition for this solution is that your IP camera is working wirelessly.

Please strictly follow the below steps to change the router password or this trick won’t work.

1. Change the SSID name or/and password of the IP camera in Reolink client. (In this case, the SSID or/and password is the new value that you are going to set in the router.)

P.S. We strongly suggest you to copy the new SSID and password value as a note to avoid any error that might be caused by inputting manually.

You only have ONE CHANGE to input the right SSID and password or you will have to connect the IP camera with the router via cable to connect them again.
If you have done setting up the new SSID and password, the IP camera will fail to connect to the router, which is normal as it doesn’t fit the current router settings. (The settings will fit after you set the corresponding settings to the router).

2. Change the router’s Wi-Fi SSID and password to what you just set in the IP camera. The camera shall reconnect to the router soon after you successfully set the new settings for the router.

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