How to Add Reolink Cameras to Reolink App

Step 1. Scan QR code below to download and install Reolink App in your iOS or Android phones.

Reolink App QR Code

Step 2. Launch Reolink App. If your phone connects to the same WiFi network as your Reolink camera does, Reolink App will scan and add your camera automatically.

iOS Devices

Step 3. If Reolink App is unable to scan and add your camera automatically, please tap “Add New Device”.

iOS Add New Device

Step 4. Fill in the information required to login to your Reolink camera and tap “Save” button App Icon Save to proceed. Once your Reolink IP camera is added, it will appear in the device list.

iOS Edit Device

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

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